Cathedral Forest Concrete Ball Bottle No. 1 Bottle No. 11 Bottle No. 3 Bottle No. 5 Bottle No. 15 Bottle No. 6 Arcata Fallen Sky Eclipse 2001 Chalk Circle Smilax Root Seed Leaf Twombly Plant Day Nasturtium 1998 Triangle Palm Ivy Red Maple Ivy (Hearts) 2003 Calla Lily Waiting Ladder Stairs Italy Urns2 Italy Urns1 Italy Urns3 Italy Headless Circle of Thought Rosa My Twin Aunts Star Vibrations Ivy Skeletal Leaf (Lace) Map Detail Forest Silvermine River (Linda Connor) SF Art Institute Icarus 1 Icarus 2 Window Wurster Hall Outside Inside Writing Desk Bee Box2 Israel Rock Israel Branch Israel House Israel Bones Glass Mirror Mirror 7 Mirror 4 Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3 Mirror 5 Listening to Nature
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